Facts about this blog and me.


- Reblog posts are queued (Tracy, I don’t stay up at 4am to reblog posts)

- However, original posts are posted right away


- I can play piano, flute, guitar, tuba, baritone/euphonium, bass guitar, some drums, and violin (in the order of mastering). I also have perfect pitch, thank You God, I truly appreciate it ^^.

- I was baptized in the Pacific Ocean, in my motherland: Taiwan.

- I took the time learning how to solve the rubik’s cube— thrice.

- I learned the lyrics of “Be a Man” because of my school’s homecoming my junior year. It’s the only Disney song that I know full lyrics to.

- I’m left-handed, but I can do Chinese calligraphy right-handed.

- I always, in different ways, eat the crust of a sub first, then the rest of the sandwich/burger.

- People think it’s weird, but I peel my banana completely before I eat it. 

- I don’t have a middle name. I kind of wish I had one.

- I was named after Jessica Fletcher in “Murder, She Wrote” because my mom really liked that detective lady…my mom got my sisters and I into watching detective shows since we were little.

- My very first memory was meeting my sister, Esther, who is one year and seven months younger than me. I remember seeing my parents holding something wrapped in a white blanket and wanting to hold it (the baby) too. But my mom said that I was too young to hold her so I ended up only touching her. There’s a picture of it too.